Lost & Found (beat tape from a lost drive)

Lost & Found (beat tape from a lost drive)


Beats i found in my old drive.

Here’s a collection of 16 beats i produced (along with many more) in the beginning stages of learning my new keyboard beat machine along with the software. These beats mean a lot to me because of this stage in my life. Every single track has a powerful meaning behind it. Although this is my older music, no one has heard it until now. Plus, im really fellin’ these beats! Enjoy 🙏


  1. The City

  2. Prayed

  3. The Wait

  4. High

  5. Plate

  6. True

  7. No Time

  8. In Tha’ Alley

  9. WWJD

  10. Awe

  11. My Love

  12. Surrender

  13. There’s Hop

  14. Filo

  15. Journey

  16. Glory To The King

Released August 2019
produced, mixed & mastered by dj trendz.

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