thank you for your interest in TEAMING UP WITH US. as we continue to grow in every way, all with god's guidance and timing, we simply cannot do this alone. we rely on god to bring our family in christ closer to us. Whether is volunteer, internship, or hired work,  it is people like you who help spread the goodness of our lord. we are working on many things to come and we would love to have you on board. pray and fill out the form below. please be patient and trust in the lord. we will do our best to INFORM EVERYONE as soon as we have something available. if you are chosen to join our team, depending on service and availability, we just might have an official position for you in the ministry. either way, our lord is the one in control and the one who decides. faith and trust is all we need.  

- TRENDZ family

"Our people must learn to use their lives for doing good and helping anyone who has a need. Then they will not have empty lives."  - titus 3:14

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